Stars by the Pound (2019)

Lois, 16, has only one dream: becoming an astronaut. However, although she’s gifted in physics, she has a big problem: Lois weighs over 200 pounds – a family trait she’s inescapably stuck with. Then, just when everything seems lost, Lois meets Amélie, Stannah, and Justine: three teenagers shattered, like her, by life’s tough breaks; yet ready for anything in order to leave with her for outer space…

Des vues: 3

Genre: ComedyDrama

Director: Marie-Sophie Chambon,

Actors: Angèle Metzger,Isabelle De Hertogh,Laure Duchêne,Pauline Serieys,Philippe Rebbot,

Country: France,

Duration: 88

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.4