The Blood of Heroes (1989)

Set in a futuristic world where the only sport that has survived in a wasted society is the brutal game known as jugging. Sallow, the leader of a rag-tag team, has played in the main Leagues before, but was cast out because of indiscretions with a lady. However now joined by a talented newcomer, Kidda, an ambitious young peasant girl he and his team find they have one last chance for glory

Des vues: 8

Genre: ActionAdventureScience Fiction

Director: David Webb Peoples,

Actors: Anna Katarina,Casey Huang,Delroy Lindo,Gandhi MacIntyre,Joan Chen,John Doumtsis,Justin Monjo,Quang Dinh,Rutger Hauer,Vincent D'Onofrio,

Country: Australia, USA,

Duration: 100

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.5